Project Description

From the very beginning, the Regional development agency ROD has devoted special attention to RURAL DEVELOPMENT; offering support to the founding municipalities in the preparation of public tender applications, together with the Agricultural and Forestry Institutes of Nova Gorica and its agricultural advisory services and other expert services, participate in the preparation and implementation of development projects, informs and advises various stakeholders in the development of project ideas and the possibilities of obtaining European funds for their faster realisation.

ENVIRONMENTAL CARE AND ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE is being implemented through the preparation and implementation of international environmental projects in which, together with our partners, we pay special attention to finding innovative solutions that will help mitigate the negative effects of climate change in the agriculture of the Vipava valley.

The Regional development agency ROD is actively involved in the REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE GORIŠKA DEVELOPMENT REGION, which covers the whole of the North Primorska region (thirteen municipalities). In each of the twelve Slovenian development regions has a regional development agency, which represents an important supportive environment for municipalities and other stakeholders. There are four development agencies in the Goriška development region: besides the Regional development agency ROD, the Posoška Development Centre (PRC), located in Tolmin, the Idrija-Cerkljanska Development Agency Ltd., Idrija (ICRA) with headquarters in Idrija and the North Primorska Development Agency Ltd. Nova Gorica (RRA) with headquarters in Nova Gorica, contractually linked to the North Sea Regional Development Agency (Northern Primorska MRRA) and are jointly registered in the Register of Regional Development Agencies at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology for the 2014-2020 programme period.

The MRRA takes care of the implementation of general development and accelerating tasks in the region and the provision of professional, technical and administrative support for the operation of the two decision-making bodies in the region; The Council of the Regions and the Regional Development Council. Development agencies linked to the North Sea MRRA are mutually equal and operate according to the principle of project cooperation andcircular network management. From 1.4.2014, the management of the North Primorska MRRA was taken over by the Posoška Development Centre.

This link contains a summary of the current key strategic development documents for the Regional Development Program of the Northern Primorska region (Goriška development region) 2014-2020, endorsed by the Development Council of the North Primorska region and the Council of the Region on 17.3.2015.

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