The Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina has been paying special attention to the development of entrepreneurship from kindergarten to entrepreneurs. With the project of the Vipava Valley LAG “Encouraging creative and innovative thinking among young people – MLIN” we encourage entrepreneurial thinking from an early age. The “MyMachine” initiative establishes the connection of all levels of education and industry, which enables the realization of children’s ideas – the creation of their dream machines.

For many years, primary school teams of 7th, 8th and 9th grades have been participating in entrepreneurial circles under the guidance of RDA ROD mentors and have won the highest prizes in national competitions (POPRI entrepreneurial competition, LABIRINT). To make it easier for primary school students to choose a secondary school, we organize technical days where local entrepreneurs and companies open their doors, so that students can see the process of creating products and services and learn about professions that are most in demand. The students were able to get to know each profession in practice at the event “Youth and Castra”, where they learned about different professions through different solutions to challenges. START UP weekend is intended for high school students, where they learn how to create a business model of a company according to the most modern methodologies in the shortest possible time.

We were already recognizable as a VEM point (One stop shop for businesses), but now as a SPOT point (Slovenian Business Point) of the Goriška region we take care of networking of business entities, organization of business training, education and workshops on various business topics and inform about published open calls. The SPOT consulting Goriška project offers basic consulting in the field of establishing and starting a company, assistance in the development of business ideas, providing information about the market or business environment in which the entrepreneur enters.

As part of the national project “Regional Trustee”, we are promoting investment opportunities in the Goriška region. Together with twelve Slovenian regional development agencies and the national coordinator, we are forming a network of regional administrators under the auspices of the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency. We also actively perform other promotional tasks such as: participation in international investment fairs and conferences, where we present investment opportunities in our region, organizing B2B meetings with potential investors and organizing visits of incoming and outgoing delegations of potential investors to the regional economy. We constantly take care of the flow of information from the local or regional level to the national level and vice versa.

Entrepreneurial projects of previous years:

iCON SME Competitiveness – Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship

Regional guarantee scheme in the Goriška region; RGS of the Goriška region