The environment has always been a very important component for us, and in recent years we have been rapidly integrating the green aspect into all our activities and projects. At the local level in cooperation with our founders, at the regional level within the Joined Development Agency of the Northern Primorska Region where this is reflected in the preparation of the Regional Development Programme for the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and the creation of regional projects that will enable the region a green transition. The Vipava Valley, with the Municipality of Ajdovščina as one of the most developed municipalities in this area, is also a model example of the adaptation of agriculture to climate change for Slovenia. Through the LIFE ViVaCCAdapt project, where we had the role of coordinating beneficiary, together with the project partners we managed to achieve that climate changes started to be discussed more loudly at the local, regional and national level, as the LIFE ViVaCCAdapt project was the first Slovenian LIFE funded project under Climate Action Sub-Program, Adapting to Climate Change.

Agriculture, one of the most important industries in our valley, is already being affected by climate change. It is crucial that stakeholders agree on measures, future steps in the development of this area and the environment, while operating sustainably and equipping agriculture with the right tools, systems and ways to operate and achieve financial stability in agricultural production. As responsible environmentalists, we must strive for sustainable and affordabl food production.

Environmental projects of previous years:

A cycling chain in the countryside

Adapting to the impacts of climate changes in the Vipava Valley – LIFE ViVaccAdapt

Rural Biological Resources – RUBIRES