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Project Description

Promoting the development of sustainable tourism in the Vipava valley is one of the key tasks of the Regional development agency ROD, because it is one of the more promising economic activities that, due to its natural features and other potential, can be developed in the Vipava valley. We are actively involved in the preparation of strategic development guidelines and documents; we established the concept of the Vipava Valley brand, which also includes the sub-brand Vipava Valley Tourist Destination. On an operational level, we coordinate and carry out the following activities:

  • organisation of the Taste of Vipava festival,
  • coordination of the Culinary Month Taste of Vipava,
  • coordination of joint trade fair presentations of the entire Vipava valley at tourist fairs: Natur Alpe Adria (LJ, Slo) Expomego (Go, ITA),
  • coordination of the production of promotional information leaflets Events of the Vipava Valley and Walking events in the Vipava valley,
  • coordinating the placement of the TD VV logo and logo on promotional materials,
  • coordination of a series of events “The Vineyard Cottages of the Vipava Valley between St. Martin’s and Christmas”
  • preparation of the concept of official tourist souvenirs of the Vipava valley, coordination of their production,
  • preparation and implementation of various international projects in the field of tourism.

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